Fukushima’s Cover-up “Killer Points” w/ Karl Grossman 5/7/14 (Nuclear Hotseat)


Published on May 7, 2014

Interview w/award-winning investigative journalist Karl Grossman on how the nuclear industry has gamed the media since before Hiroshima, why mainstream media continues to resist coverage of nuclear news, and thoughts on how to start breaking that logjam.
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TEPCO double-header: Naohiro Masuda, newly appointed head of the Fukushima Daiichi “Decontamination and Decommissioning” Company, on cost-cutting measures which include eliminatingwhat?!?!????? from on-site workers? AND — TEPCO claims they can’t afford to keep providing stipends to Fukushima residents forced out of their homes and will cut them off next March. So how much did this genocidal company net last year? Hold onto your knickers…
(Full story on Masuda here: http://www.world-nuclear-news.org/WR-…
WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) site in Carlsbad, New Mexico, shows damage to bags of magnesium oxide placed atop waste containers to stop radiation leaks.

WIPP site magnesium oxide bags – intened to prevent release of radioactive material into the environment for 10,000 years. How’s that working for you? WIPP site magnesium oxide bags — intended to prevent release of radioactive material into the environment for 10,000 years. How’s that working for you?
Hanford explosion during Plutonium Finishing Plant demolition hidden from authorities and public for two weeks; union rep furious;
Tokyo quakes register 6.6 and 6.1, but word from Fukushima’s Spent Fuel Pool 4: Don’t worry, be happy!

Scott Portzline of Three Mile Island Alert offers a special invitation to participate in a webinar on NRC lies with Tim Judsonof NIRS, Eric Epstein of TMI Alert and himself.  …and if we could talk to the animals — meaning the fish/sea lions/sea birds/whales/owls/otters on the west coast of North America, they’d be really really pissed off at us about what the radiation from Fukushima is doing to them!

Chernobyl: A Million Casualties
A million people have died so far as a result of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant accident, explains Janette Sherman, M.D., toxicologist and contributing editor of the book Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment. Published by the New York Academy of Sciences, the book, authored by Dr. Alexey Yablokov, Dr. Vassily Nesterenko and Dr. Alexey Nesterenko, examined medical records now available–which expose as a lie the claim of the International Atomic Energy Commission that perhaps 4,000 people may die as a result of Chernobyl. Enviro Close-Up # 610 (29 mintes) http://blip.tv/envirovideo/chernobyl-…

Enviro Close-Up #613 “Nukespeak”

Enviro Close-Up #614 “Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting”
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting or FAIR is the leading media watch group in the United States. Janine Jackson, program director of FAIR, discusses how corporate ownership impacts on media, stories that are neglected and under-reported — including the consequences of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant disaster, the government’s “official agenda” and how media follow “Washington’s official line,” telecom policy and diversity in media. She outlines the activities of FAIR among them its magazine Extra! and radio program CounterSpin — and how people can support FAIR.
Enviro Close-Up with Karl Grossman #614
“Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting”

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Nuclear Hotseat is the weekly international news magazine keeping you up to date on all things anti-nuclear. Produced and Hosted by Three Mile Island survivor Libbe HaLevy, each podcast contains the week’s international nuclear news, at least one expert interview, ways to protect physical health of yourself and your loved ones from the dangers of radiation exposure, and activist opportunities.

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Published on May 7, 2014 by MissingSky101 called Nuclear Hotseat: Killer Points on Fukushima’s Coverup with Karl Grossman 5/714 http://youtu.be/IS4Eie6xhqs

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