Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know about Nuclear Power: Karl Grossman

You have not been informed about nuclear power. You have not been told. And that has been done on purpose. Keeping the pubilc in the dark was deemed necessary by the promoters of nuclear power if it was to succeed. Those in government, science and private industry who have been pushing nuclear power realized that if people were given the facts, if they knew the consequences of nuclear power, they would not stand for it.

If people knew that the kind of accidents that happened at Three Mile Island, at the Fermi Reactor, at Browns Ferry, at Windscale, at “SL-1,” among others — the sort of huge catastrophes which have been only barely avoided — are to be expected, they’d be damned upset and would insist a stop be put to nuclear power. So an army of public relations practicioners has been working for decades to, in the jargon of the trade, make the people think of “Citizen Atom” as a friend, before the truth became manifest.

The “nuclear runaways” and “meltdowns,” the “China syndrome” would come, it was figured. So would the “routine” releases of radiation from nuclear plants — and their results: cancer, leukemia and genetic injury. Also to be expected were illness, injury and death in connection with mining, milling, fuel fabrication, transportation, reactor operation and storing waste — the basic steps of the entire nuclear “cycle.”

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