TV AD: They’re Back — The Iraq War Hawks Target Iran


Published on Aug 20, 2015

With a vote expected in Congress in the coming weeks over the comprehensive, long-term nuclear deal reached between Iran and the P5+1 nations, led by the U.S., that will verifiably prevent Iran from acquiring the nuclear bomb, Americans United for Change has launched a major TV ad campaign warning that the same war hawks who misled the nation into an unnecessary, costly, and bloody war with Iraq and now beat the war drums against Iran are the last people to be trusted when it comes to America’s national security. See backup documentation below for “They’re Back”, a half a million dollar effort airing over the next two weeks in Los Angeles, CA; Miami and West Palm Beach, FL; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; New York City; Providence, RI, as well as on local broadcast stations in Washington, DC.

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