Climate Strategies

About Us

Climate Strategies is a not-for-profit organisation that provides world-class, independent policy and economic research input to European and international climate policy. Climate Strategies works with an international network of experts to bridge the gap between research and policy, and provides unrivalled analysis for international decision-makers in the fields of climate change and energy policy. Climate Strategies is supported by broad spectrum of national governments, businesses and foundations. Climate Strategies research is conducted in accordance with its Charter of Independence.

Our Members

Membership in Climate Strategies is by invitation by our Board. It is open to senior researchers, usually based in universities or research institutes, who through their research have made significant, demonstrable and constructive contributions to climate change and energy policy. Many have led or otherwise been closely engaged with Climate Strategies research projects.

Climate Strategies provides its members with a platform to interact with each other and also with external stakeholders in order to define, initiate, execute and promote cutting-edge analytical projects in the climate and energy policy space. Those interactions happen through special and Annual General Meetings, CS-convened projects, reports, social media communication, the Climate Strategies website and the Climate Policy journal. Members are encouraged to review papers of other members and could also count on other members reviewing their work. Members have priority access to CS-led projects and meetings, can register for UNFCCC sessions using the CS badge (subject to availability), and are offered space at CS stands at various events and on CS social media to promote their work. Members can also submit blog entries for posting on the Climate Strategies blog. Download the Membership Welcome pack here.

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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