New Orleans: Recovery or Removal?


Published on Aug 14, 2015

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, a new documentary from The Laura Flanders Show and teleSUR English explores the race, class and gender outlines of the reconstruction of New Orleans.

At least seventy-one billion dollars in federal money has been spent. But has every opportunity been seized to bring back not just the place, but its people, so they’re stronger and healthier than before? We explore, from the grassroots, systemic changes in housing, economic development, and policing. How have federal, state and city policies affected the people of New Orleans?

Lieutenant General Russell Honoré was put in charge of military rescue efforts after Hurricane Katrina. What he saw was a man-made disaster, caused by politicians under control of the oil and gas industry. “Our problem is, because of the damage that has been left by the oil and gas industry, we have less wetlands today than we had 20 years ago,” he says. “It’s been supported by Congress, multiple presidents in the White House, and all our governors. We are the second largest energy producer in America and we’re the second poorest state. The state has been looted.”

“We’ve got 52% unemployment as it relates to African-American males, but we’re experiencing an economic boom,” explains New Orleans city council president Jason Williams. “Our major industry is tourism; hospitality, restaurants, hotels, motels. The folks who are working those jobs in the kitchen, making up the beds, cooking the food, those folks are the working poor in this town. It’s just for generations they have not shared in the revenue in those industries.”


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