Say NO to Radioactive Food from Japan – BLOCK Fast Track TPP



Published on Apr 30, 2015

YES, this WILL Effect YOU. Keep Radioactive FOOD OUT of US! BLOCK Fast Track TPP:
Beginning: Pt 1 – Mary Beth Brangan – Secret Trade Deals and Food Safety Don’t Mix Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network’s ( conference call series Call In To Action:
Bye Bye Becquerels, No Radioactive Waste in Our Food!

At 5:31 Pt 2 – Jim Turner – Petitioning the FDA Washington, DC attorney James Turner of Citizens for Health (, gives an update on FFAN’s Citizen Petition requesting FDA monitoring of radioactivity in food.

At 12:24 Pt 3 – Cindy Folkers – Health Impacts of Fallout in Food Cindy Folkers, a radiation and health specialist with, talks about radiation health impacts, why cesium testing was chosen as the focus for FFAN’s FDA petition, and the need for independent citizen monitoring of radioactivity in food.

At 31:15 Pt 4 – Adam Weissman – Current TPP Status Adam Weissman, an organizer with Global Justice for Animals and the Environment (GJAE), talks about the threat posed by free trade agreements to animals; the environment; and safe, ethical, and sustainable food.

And Finally, Pt 5 – Kimberly Roberson – Stop the TPP Help Block ‘Fast Track’ to Radioactive Foods
Kimberly Roberson, Founder and Director of the Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network (, tells how you can get involved in helping to stop secret trade deals from destroying food radiation safety standards, US national sovereignty and democratic choice.

Flush the TPP (Fukushima Inspired) ♫

Amari: Japan will not compromise alone on TPP
Apr. 14, 2015
Trade negotiators from Japan and the US will resume working-level talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Tokyo on Wednesday.
They are hoping to reach a bilateral agreement before Prime Minister Shinzo Abe meets President Barack Obama in Washington on April 28th.
But the Japanese minister in charge of the free-trade pact says Tokyo will not make one-sided concessions ahead of the summit.
Akira Amari said Japan does not consider the summit a deadline. He said he wants to focus on narrowing the gaps between the 2 sides to smooth the way for higher-level talks.
Amari said US negotiators would be mistaken if they believe that Japan will make compromises during the next 2 weeks.
But the Japanese minister said he is willing to meet with his US counterpart after the working-level talks to make further efforts at ironing out differences.
Ma stresses need to regain trust in food safety
Apr. 14, 2015
Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou has stressed the need to restore Taiwanese consumers’ confidence in Japanese foods.
Ma made the comment in a news conference with the Japanese media in Taiwan on Tuesday, one day after Taiwan announced that it would tighten regulations on food imports from Japan, beginning as early as May.
The rules will include the provision of place-of-origin labels for Japanese food products. This is to make sure the products are free of radioactive contamination.
Taiwan already has an import ban on place for foods from 5 Japanese prefectures, including Fukushima, since the nuclear accident in 2011.
At the news conference, Ma referred to a revelation last month that foods from the 5 prefectures subject to the existing ban are being imported to Taiwan.
Ma said that consumers’ trust regarding the place of origin of Japanese foods must be restored. He said that if the trust is not regained soon, it could influence future business.
The president added that the import regulations will be neither too lax nor too strict, compared with other countries. He indicated that the regulations were determined by studying measures taken by other nations.

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