State of Thirst: CALIFORNIA drought = food decline

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Published on Mar 1, 2014

California`s Central Valley is considered to be the richest farmland soil and productive farmland region in the nation.
In February 2014, state water authorities revealed that many California farmers would receive none of their annual water allocation from the State Water Project. Now, federal water authorities have announced that the farmers will receive no water from the Central Valley Project. There will still be partial allocations for those with pre-existing water rights, as well as to waterways that provide habitat to endangered fish species.
There is a modest amount of good news. Some rain and snow have fallen in February, pushing up the snowpack from 12 percent of average levels to 29 percent. A persistent high pressure system over the Pacific has wrought havoc in weather patterns across North America with its stubborn, anomalous or deliberately engineered position.

Links on impending California drought:……

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