Unregulated Capitalism Is Destroying the Planet

Monday, 22 June 2015 17:23 By The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program | Op-Ed

The study, which was conducted by a group of scientists from some of the United States’ leading universities, found that over the past century-plus, vertebrate species have gone extinct at a rate almost 114 times faster than average.

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That’s right – not one, not two, not 50, but 114 times faster than average!

The study also found that as many 477 different vertebrate species have disappeared since 1900, a mind-boggling statistic because it usually takes between 800 to 10,000 years for that many species to disappear.

In terms of the bigger picture, we really haven’t seen this kind of planet-wide holocaust since an asteroid wiped out Tyrannosaurus rex and friends over 65 million years ago.

And that isn’t a coincidence.

The scientists behind the vertebrate study say their data reveal an “exceptionally rapid loss of biodiversity during the last few centuries, indicating that a sixth mass extinction is already under way.”

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