Europe hit by soaring temperatures of over 40C – BBC News

Parts of Europe have been hit by temperatures reaching above 40C, leading to concerns for the welfare of the young, the elderly and vulnerable.

Spain and Portugal are already on alert after temperatures reached as high as 44C in the Spanish city of Cordoba earlier in the week.

The hot weather has now reached France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. It was the UK’s hottest day since 2006.

The high temperatures are likely to stay for a few more days.

Water is handed out in the southern French city of Bordeaux

Paris registered temperatures of 40C, bringing back painful memories of the heat wave in 2003, that killed nearly 15,000 people. Officials in the French capital have opened special air-conditioned rooms to the public and are checking on the elderly, AFP news agency reports.

A ball boy at Wimbledon is attended to by medics after collapsing in the heat

In the UK, temperatures of 34C were recorded – it’s hottest in nine years. At the Wimbledon Championships, the roof of the centre court was closed to protect the playing surface from the heat and spectators were advised to wear hats.

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