Meeting Dahr Jamail & Other Fellow Climate Warriors – CC12 – 3/5 – Dr. Guy McPherson

Published on Dec 22, 2014

Dr. Guy McPherson discusses the Earth At Risk 2014 Conference in San Francisco. He and Dahr Jamail hop at Ihop Restaurant, and it suddenly comes upon Dr. McPherson that there is a Sixth Stage of Grief beyond the initial five – namely, gallow’s humour. This seems to be so true… a coping mechanism. What can one do, but seek to find some sort of release in the irony of it all? More below ↓

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In this climate update video part 3, Dr. Guy McPherson talks about meeting with other climate, environmental and human rights’ warriors at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts’ Justice and Sustainability Conference. There was the inevitable clash of egos, as well as the opportunity to meet and converse with people of like minds and souls.

Dr. McPherson expresses a bit of frustration as egos present themselves, and we have a bit of fun enjoying the thought of humans strutting about bumping chests, our laughter directed mostly at ourselves, of course. All in all, it seemed to be a very notable and auspicious group of very dedicated individuals convening together to present and hear about what are arguably the most important issues of our day; namely, climate change, the environment and its flora and fauna, and human rights.

As is said, “united we stand, divided we fall, let us support one another.” Deep thanks and appreciation to all those who participated and those who worked tirelessly to bring this all together.


Alice Walker – Vandana Shiva – Chris Hedges – Derrick Jensen – Guy McPherson – Thomas Linzey – Charles Derber – Dahr Jamail – Diane Wilson – Vince Emanuele Freda Huson and Dini Ze Toghestiy – Sakej Ward – Richard Manning – Anne Keala Kelly – Sarah Meghan Mah – Yuly Chan – Gail Dines – Chief Caleen Sisk – Jeanette Armstrong – Stan Goff – Cherry Smiley – Doug Zachary – Kourtney Mitchell – Dominique Christina

SF Climate Conference Palace of Fine Arts
Dr. Guy McPherson

Interviewer: Reese Jones

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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