House Democrats Derail Obama’s Push for TPP “Fast Track” & Clinton Urges O bama to Listen to Critics of TPP

Democracy Now!  Published on Jun 15, 2015

House Democrats Derail Obama’s Push for TPP “Fast Track”

In a major blow to President Obama’s trade agenda, House Democrats have derailed attempts to speed through approval of the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal. Protesters from across the political spectrum have raised concerns it would undermine health and environmental regulations and hurt U.S. workers. On Friday, Democrats rejected a measure to give financial aid to displaced workers in a strategic move to block another bill giving Obama fast-track authority to ram the TPP through Congress on a yes-or-no vote. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sided with fellow Democrats against fast track.

Nancy Pelosi: “For these and other reasons, I will be voting today to slow down the fast track to get a better deal for the American people — bigger paychecks, better infrastructure, help the American people fulfill the American dream.”

Clinton Urges Obama to Listen to Critics of TPP

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton broke her relative silence over the TPP Sunday, urging President Obama to listen to Democratic critics, including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Hillary Clinton: “In order to get a deal that meets these high standards, the president should listen to and work with his allies in Congress, starting with Nancy Pelosi, who have expressed their concerns about the impact that a weak agreement would have on our workers, to make make sure we get the best, strongest deal possible. And if we don’t get it, there should be no deal.”

Clinton’s remarks came after she failed to address the TPP in her first major address kicking off her presidential campaign. We’ll have more on Clinton’s speech and her stance on the TPP after headlines.

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