Geotherapy: Innovative Methods of Soil Fertility Restoration, Carbon Sequestration, and Reversing CO2 Increase

Geotherapy is an encyclopedia of ideas and tools for transforming the planet. The book is written by genuine earth stewards, most of who have field experience and a broad theoretical knowledge of the larger workings of the planet. Their experience spans many different climates, soils and cultures. This practical, get your hands-in-the soil manual is a good place to start to transform the world.
—John Todd,
Todd Ecological Design, Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA

From the Preface

That “carbon sequestration in soil being a win-win option” is the common thread that links all 34 chapters of the Geotherapy into a coherent and informative book.

… Geotherapy supports the truism that “If soils are not restored, crops will fail even if rains do not; hunger will perpetuate even with emphasis on biotechnology and genetically modified crops; civil strife and political instability will plague the developing world even with sermons on human rights and democratic ideals; and humanity will suffer even with great scientific strides. Political stability and global peace are threatened because of soil degradation, food insecurity, and desperateness. The time to act is now” (Lal, Science, 2008).
Rattan Lal, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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