Strategies Funded to Help Boston Airport Guard Against Effects of Climate Change



BOSTON — Officials at Boston Logan International Airport have announced a broad multimillion-dollar plan to make the airport, which is almost surrounded by water, more environmentally sustainable and resilient in the face of climate change.

The plan calls for investment in measures like flood doors and the relocation of generators to higher floors to make the facility better able to withstand higher sea levels and increased storm surges. It was released last month by the Massachusetts Port Authority, which operates the airport.
“Over time, there’s reason to believe that we would experience some kind of a storm system that would create that kind of flooding,” said Thomas P. Glynn, the chief executive of Massport, who said $9 million had been budgeted to make a quarter of the airport’s “critical assets” more resilient in the next five years. The report says the rest of those assets should be made more resilient over the next 10 years.

The plan also sets efficiency targets for Massport’s operations at the airport, like cutting energy consumption by a quarter by 2020, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by the same year. The plan curbs water usage, increases composting and seeks to reduce waste generated per passenger by 2 percent a year through 2030.

Logan is one of 44 airports that have received grants from the Federal Aviation Administration to create these plans to manage sustainability. Airport officials here and other experts say the Boston plan is among the first to incorporate resiliency planning, although the F.A.A. was unable to immediately confirm whether this was the case.

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