Religion and Ecology: Can the Climate Change – American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Religion and Ecology: Can the Climate Change

Dædalus, Fall 2001

Published by MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2001
Table of Contents
Introduction: The Emerging Alliance of World Religions and Ecology
Mary Evelyn Tucker and John A. Grim

Religion, Modern Secular Culture, and Ecology
George Rupp

Perspectives on Environmental Change: A Basis for Action
Michael B. McElroy

The Ethical Dimensions of Global Environmental Issues
Donald A. Brown

Multicultural Environmental Ethics
J. Baird Callicott

World Religions
Nature in the Sources of Judaism
Hava Tirosh-Samuelson

New House Rules: Christianity, Economics, and Planetary Living
Sallie McFague

Islam and Ecology: Toward Retrieval and Reconstruction
S. Nomanul Haq

Water, Wood, and Wisdom: Ecological Perspectives from the Hindu Traditions
Vasudha Narayanan

The Living Cosmos of Jainsim: A Traditional Science Grounded in Environmental Ethics
Christopher Key Chapple

Principles and Poetry, Places and Stories: The Resources of Buddhist Ecology
Donald K. Swearer

The Ecological Turn in New Confucian Humanism: Implications for China and the World
Tu Weiming

Envisioning the Daoist Body in the Economy of Cosmic Power
James Miller

Indigenous Americans: Spirituality and Ecos
Jack D. Forbes

Where Do We Go from Here?
Bill McKibben

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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