Harvard’s $36 billion endowment may have a 100-million-ton carbon footprint

By Andrew Freedman

A new report released Tuesday finds that Harvard University’s $36 billion endowment — the largest in the world — may finance more than 100 million tons of “potential carbon dioxide emissions.” If considered as a fossil fuel company itself, Harvard would rank as number 88 of the top 100 companies as ranked by their potential carbon emissions, the report finds.

The actual ranking may be higher than that, though, since the report states that “additional reserve emissions are likely financed through the holdings of the corporate bonds of fossil fuel companies.”

The study, from the group Fossil Free Indexes, will likely add to the pressure being placed on the school by students and alumnae to rid its endowment of fossil fuel investments. On Tuesday, students blocked access to university president Drew Faust’s office, along with those of other senior administrators, during a week of heightened climate activism on campus. They were seeking a dialogue with school officials about fossil fuel divestment, but those demands had gone unmet as of 4 p.m. ET.

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Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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