Heat Week Launch: Building a Movement for Divestment & Climate Action

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As part of the growing Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement, join us in Cambridge to kick off Harvard Heat Week. Join students, faculty, alumni, social movement leaders, and community members to kickoff a week of action at Harvard, calling on the school to divest their holdings in fossil fuel companies as a step towards addressing the climate crisis.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Bill McKibben (Harvard alumnus, author, activist, and co-founder of 350.org)
  • Reverend Lennox Yearwood (founder, Hip-Hop Caucus)
  • Jibreel Khazan (original participant in the 1960 Greensboro Woolworth’s Civil Rights lunch counter sit-ins)
  • Talia Rothstein (Harvard student, organizer with Divest Harvard)
  • Bob Massie (Harvard alumnus, Founder, Investor Network on Climate Risk)
  • Ferrial Adam (former anti-apartheid activist from South Africa)
  • Tim Wirth (Harvard alumnus, former Senator from Colorado, Board Member of the UN Foundation)
  • Kelsey Wirth – (Harvard alumna, Director and Co-founder of Mothers Out Front)
  • Ted Hamilton (Harvard student, organizer with Divest Harvard)
  • Todd Gitlin (Harvard alumnus, Professor & Chair, Ph.D. Program in Communications, Columbia University)
  • Koreti Tiumalu (community organizer from the Pacific Islands)
  • Music from Melodeego (Boston-based, bicycle-powered songs for change)
  • More to be announced soon!

Join us during Harvard Heat Week – where students, faculty, alumni, and members of the community will come together on campus to speak out for climate justice, learn from one another, and take principled action. The climate crisis leaves no room for neutrality — tell Harvard to stand on the right side of history by divesting from Fossil Fuels. There will be events all week ranging from sit-ins to rallies – learn more and join us at www.HarvardHeatWeek.org

Organizations supporting Harvard Heat Week include Divest Harvard, Better Future Project, 350.org, Responsible Endowments Coalition, Harvard Faculty For Divestment, 350 Massachusetts and the Divestment Student Network.


Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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