Earth Repair – Homegrown Healing of Toxic Lands


Published on Mar 8, 2015

“Nature has been healing itself for a very long time, [but] there are ways for us as human beings to ally with the different organisms and try to facilitate their work.” Leila Darwish, author of Earth Repair, provides a grassroots guide to healing toxic and damaged landscapes. She talks about involving the local community, getting the soil and/or water tested periodically, and approaching the work with humility rather than “humans know best.” Healers can use plants, microbes and fungi like mushrooms to extract, bind or break down contaminants. She is excited by the experimentation done by grassroots remediators, who are openly sharing their successes and failures. “It shouldn’t be on the [local] people to do the cleanup work, but if you have healing work that needs to be done, it should be with people who have the heart to do it.” Episode 284. []


Published on Mar 27, 2015

In her book Earth Repair, Leila Darwish provides a grassroots guide to healing toxic and damaged landscapes emphasizing local solutions. “You want to work first with plants, microbes and mushroom indigenous to a site if you can. Those will be the most resilient healers.” She encourages bioremediators to protect themselves physically, and counsels patience: “What took decades to create is not going to be healed in one round. It might take several years or longer depending on what the contamination is and how many types are present.” She encourages experimenting and sharing the results, and believes that “plants and mushrooms are not only healing the land in their own ways and on their own timeframe…they also are healers of people.” Episode 285. []. Watch episode 284 at or…

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