Kathleen Moore & Rachelle McCabe: Variations on a Theme of Extinction

Ed Mays

Published on Jan 28, 2015

Kathleen Dean Moore and Rachelle McCabe: Variations on a Theme of Extinction: Rage, Rage, Against the Dying

The truths of our time are deeply challenging – the on-rushing extinctions, the coming storms, and the moral necessity of safeguarding Earth’s beautiful lives. Words alone cannot express the urgency of action. And so we turn to music.

University Unitarian Church is delighted to announce the inaugural Robert and Marianne Fleagle Lecture for outstanding leaders and thinkers in liberal religion and social action. The inaugural lecture: Rage, Rage, Against the Dying: Global Warming, Extinction, and the Call to Life, focuses on climate change and features Dr. Kathleen Dean Moore, Distinguished Professor Emerita of Philosophy and Rachelle McCabe, Professor of Music, both at Oregon State University.

In this duet of music and words, concert pianist Rachelle McCabe plays Rachmaninoff’s “Variations on a Theme from Corelli,” whose outpouring of descending chords gives voice to both the grief and the ferocious hope in the human heart. Writer Kathleen Dean Moore will speak of the call to save Earth’s astonishing lives – a sacred trust, a great and glorious gift, to be honored and protected for all time.

Kathleen Dean Moore is a philosopher, environmental advocate, and award-winning writer who speaks across the country about the moral urgency of stopping a global carbon catastrophe.

Rachelle McCabe enjoys an international career as an artist-teacher and as a solo recitalist and highly respected chamber musician.

This program was filmed in Seattle, at the University Unitarian Church, January 25, 2015

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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