Climate Change: everything you need to know about the IPCC 5th Assessment Report – WG2


Published on Apr 7, 2014

Everything you need to know about the IPCC fifth Assessment Report – WG2:
Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

The impacts of climate change at the global and regional levels, the vulnerability of human and natural systems, our ability to adapt to minimize the negative effects of the risks and reap the full benefits of the climate that will come about.

This video explores the contents of the Report narrated by the Italian experts:
– Sergio Castellari, CMCC – IPCC Focal Point for Italy
– Riccardo Valentini, CMCC – IPCC WG2 AR5 Coordinating Leading Author
– Francesco Bosello, CMCC – FEEM – IPCC WG2 AR5 Contributing Author

The video is introduced by Jonathan Lynn, IPCC – Head, Communications and Media Relations.

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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