Nuke Syndrome (A Modern-Day Disaster: Nuclear Weapons as the Currency of Global Power)

PressTV Documentaries

Published on Jan 11, 2015

“Israel, probably more than any other state in the world has had more resolutions past against it and has broken those resolutions and yet it seems to be able to exist without any sanctions because it is protected by the United States,” this thought-provoking statement made by Paul Ingram puts the contradictory scenario of nowadays world about nuclear bombs into perspective.

Paul Ingram is the executive director of the British American Security Information Council and is involved in developing a long-term strategy to help reduce global nuclear dangers through disarmament and collaborative non-proliferation, coordinating operations in London and Washington. For over sixty years, the United Nations has been unable to establish sustainable security in the world. Although the majority of nations pursue a world free of nuclear weapons the more dominant armed states are reluctant to give up their weapons of mass destruction creating a geopolitical fear to other states who choose to keep the bombs as a deterrent.

Through informative, revealing interviews, “Nuke Syndrome” provides food for thought about the status quo of testing and producing nuclear bombs across the globe. We are informed about this sad fact that though horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki remain a permanent scar on the world, the horrors didn’t stop there since numerous countries have tested nuclear bomb explosions seeking ways to strengthen their destructive force.

The U.S. allocated one hundred and eighty five billion dollars to augment its nuclear stockpile over the next decade. Meanwhile, British politicians have plans on spending seventy six billion pounds to renew their navy’s trident missiles. The irony is that while Iran is calling for global nuclear disarmament and the right to peaceful nuclear energy, and while there is no real evidence that Iran is making nuclear weapons, this peace-seeking country is constantly being threatened by war and sanctions for the false accusation leveled against it that it is trying to produce nuclear weapons.

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