BBC News – Will Kerry strike gold at Lima climate talks?

11 December 2014 Last updated at 08:45 ET

Article written by Matt McGrath Environment correspondent

John Kerry’s attendance is being seen as evidence the US wants to make up for Copenhagen’s failure

The US secretary of state John Kerry will arrive in Lima today to push forward global climate negotiations, taking place in the city.

Mr Kerry is the most senior American official to attend the talks since President Obama went to Copenhagen in 2009 – an event that didn’t end particularly well.

The Secretary of State has long been the most engaged American politician on the issue of climate and environment and his attendance at these UN negotiations is being seen as further evidence that the US is determined to make up for the failures of Copenhagen in 2009 and deliver a strong agreement in Paris next year.

For once, the US is not being seen as the Great Satan of CO2.

Thanks to their joint initiative with China, the two countries are taking a bow as leaders of the fight against rising temperatures.

The change in atmosphere could be seen on the poker face of US special climate envoy Todd Stern, who in recent days has been a veritable ray of sunshine.

The way he sees it, the deal that is being negotiated here – and will likely be signed in Paris – is a truly historic event.

“We are trying to do an agreement that is intended to last for decades. This is supposed to be not an agreement that we come back and renegotiate every five years, but an agreement that establishes a stable and durable structure.”

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