BBC World Service – Business Matters, Is Artificial Intelligence a Threat to Human Existence?


3 December 2014 –  01:05 GMT

Professor Stephen Hawking has a stark warning about the development of artificial intelligence: that it may surpass humans. But we speak to Ben Way, who works to incorporate moral codes in robots in the US military, who says artificial intelligence enhances our lives in more ways than we know. We have a report on the 30th anniversary of the Indian Bhopal disaster, where 25,000 died. Also, Japan produces what is reckoned to be the finest beef on earth and now it wants to sell it to the world – and the EU is on the menu. And what does it take to become a YouTube start? We speak to some of the biggest names in cyberspace, and ask how exactly they make money. Finally, we talk about a new app for job seekers that relies on photos and videos in lieu of traditional Cvs. All this with our guests Paddy Hirsch, Senior Editor of Marketplace radio in LA, and Tony Nash of consultants Delta Economics in Singapore.

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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