Restoration Writ Large: Unleashing the Potential of Nature and People for Large-Scale Ecosystem Restoration : John Liu



“Right now, we say that our economy is derived from production and consumption of goods and services – the GDP. So, the total sum of the money on the planet comes from the total amount of goods and services. But ecosystem function is vastly more valuable. So that means the global economy is founded on a flaw in logic.”

About this Talk
Filmmaker John Liu, who grew up in Bloomington, exudes an Indiana Jones-like quality as he uncovers the hidden treasures in ecosystems around the world. With stunning footage, Liu chronicles the transformation of China’s denuded Loess Plateau. His entrancing filmwork illustrates that restoring soil fertility can restore the hydrological cycle, a process that was disrupted by thousands of years of slash-and-burn agriculture and overgrazing. The intervention made by these communities not only revitalized the soil, water and air, but also brought rise to higher rates of education. Liu maintains that healthy ecosystem function is a superior measure of economic health as opposed to our current flawed standard – the rate at which we produce and consume manufactured goods.

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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