After Great Recession, a generation in search of opportunity


Published on Oct 27, 2014

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Five years after the global financial and economic crisis of 2008, a generation of children and young people are growing up in conditions of deprivation not witnessed by their parents and grandparents. Most European Union (EU) and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries have seen a dramatic rise in the rate of young people not in education, employment or training, with rates reaching as high as 20–25 per cent in the worst-affected countries.

Such trends are part of a larger loss of progress for children and young people caused by the Great Recession. In developed countries, 2.6 million more children are living in poverty, and many wealthy countries have lost 5–10 years of income progress. Is economic recovery on the horizon? Not for children, according to UNICEF’s newly launched Innocenti Report Card 12 “Children of the Recession: The impact of the economic crisis on child well-being in rich countries.”

About the report:
Launched by Innocenti, UNICEF’s Office of Research, “Children of the Recession” is a unique report because it is one of the few times UNICEF has focused on the status of children and youth in the 41 wealthiest countries in the world.

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