James Hansen: The People’s March: Climate March in New York City on 21 September.

The People’s March
(29 August 2014)
James Hansen


I wish to persuade you (if you live close enough to make it reasonable) that you should take the trouble to join us in the great People’s Climate March in New York City on 21 September. The March web page is at http://peoplesclimate.org/. However, before plainly stating why the March is important, let me address several issues.

Multipath Strategy. One can readily argue that any specific action, such as the People’s March, will not slow the fossil fuel juggernaut. Indeed, by itself it would have little effect, and our media has shown themselves to be quite capable of ignoring even large demonstrations.
However the March is not occurring in a vacuum. Success requires actions on many fronts, notably in the courts, on the streets, and within the political system. That’s why I support Our Children’s Trust, 350.org, and Citizens Climate Lobby. And that is not enough.

…(read more).

See also: August 20, 2014: The Energy to Fight Injustice: Opinion piece published in Chemistry World and further information from James Hansen.

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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