Building a Movement of Movements: Towards the Peoples Climate March in NYC

Peoples-tourEvent Details

A night of inspiring stories, lessons, and ideas from across the climate movement!

A movement of movements is growing around the Peoples Climate March this September in New York City. As United Nations Secretary Ban Ki Moon calls world leaders together for a landmark summit on climate change, we know that this is our moment for a historic march of unprecedented proportions to demand climate justice and build real solutions to the climate crisis.

As we build towards this mobilization – we want to highlight the important ongoing work and struggles happening in communities across the globe, and illuminate how climate change is a cross-cutting issue that impacts every person and every issue. And it’s our opportunity – to build a movement of movements powerful enough to transform our society – and build a world that is based on justice and sustainability at the core.

Join us in Boston to hear inspiring movement leaders, community organizers, and activists talk about these issues, and get connected to local organizing around the Peoples Climate March.

Speakers at the Boston event include:

Doors open at 6:30, Show starts at 7:30 promptly! There will be informational tables in the lobby about the PCM – including ways to join (or host) a charter bus, organize in your community, and outreach materials.

For more information on the Peoples Climate March, September 21st in NYC, visit:

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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