Holy Toledo: Water Wars Coming

Toledo area residents do not have safe drinking water. (photo: AP)

By Charles Pierce, Esquire05 August 14

owhere has the abandonment of reason and of science on the part of half of the American political system had such serious consequences as it has had on our attempts to craft national responses to our cascade of interconnected environmental problems, most of which have some basis in the Great Climate Change Hoax, which half of our political system believe is a scam to suck up that sweet grant money or, as Paul Ryan so brilliantly put it last week, to raise taxes. I don’t know but, maybe, if a half-million people still don’t have potable drinking water in a couple of weeks, we might take the whole thing a little more seriously than we have, and we might conclude that the planet’s getting genuinely pissed at us all.

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Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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