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27 — The evidence for climate change WITHOUT computer models or the IPCC

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Thom Hartmann on Science and Green News: April 7, 2014


Published on Apr 7, 2014

Thom Hartmann on Science and Green News for the week of April 7, 2014

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Whitening skin can be deadly

Whitening skin can be deadly

By Dr. S. Allen Counter, Globe Correspondent, 12/16/2003

Earlier this year, I was asked by the editor of an international biomedical journal to write a review article on the effects of mercury exposure on children, an area in which I have conducted scientific studies for the past seven years. I was surprised by the results.

Mexico and Nigeria and the border states of California, Texas and Arizona all show extremely high rates of mercury poisoning.

In clinics in Arizona, for example, doctors had observed more than 300 patients who had toxic levels of mercury in their urine. I found medical reports of similarly high levels of mercury poisoning among patients in Saudi Arabia, Senegal, West Africa, and in Tanzania in East Africa. Even among newly arrived Bosnian and Albanian refugees in Germany, doctors have found patients with toxic levels of this same type of mercury.

One of my first clues to unraveling this mystery turned out to be basic geography: Most of the reported mercury-poisoning cases were found in nations in the lower latitudes.

The second clue: In Mexico, as in other countries such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, most of the patients with clinical evidence of mercury poisoning were women. Even in the Southwestern Unites States, 96 percent of the more than 300 patients found to have abnormal mercury levels were female.

In every case, clinical questioning revealed that the women had used skin-whitening creams — many for years. In other words, these women had tried so desperately to whiten their skin color that they had poisoned their bodies by applying mercury-based “beauty creams.”

Ninety percent of the women entering border clinics in Arizona with mercury poisoning were Mexican-American, and they like their Mexican counterparts had been using skin-whitening creams such as “Crema de Belleza-Manning,” which is manufactured in Mexico. These skin-whitening creams contain mercurous chloride, which is readily absorbed through the skin. Saudi, African, and Asian women were also using these skin-bleaching chemicals in a tragic attempt to change their appearance to that of white women.

Mercury poisoning is known to cause neurological and kidney damage and may also lead to psychiatric disorders.

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Background to Minamata Disease


Uploaded on Feb 22, 2011

A short introduction to the topic of Minamata Disease used in a recent awareness workshop. See http://www.japanangle.com/2011/02/22/…

Edited footage from Japan’s Lessons on the Economy and Environment: Our Pollution Experience – courtesy of TVEAP – www.tveap.org

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Environmental Justice – Remembering Dr. Masazumi Harada and Minamata Disease

livin kitten

Published on Sep 12, 2012

filmed: wed. sept 12, 2012.
location: global economic north.
sound tracks: 70s, 80s stuff.

this video remembers the contributions of this wonderful physian from japan, who assisted the Canada aboriginal community in Grassy Narrows Ontario. as the worst environmental disaster in canadian history. i learned recently about his passing in spring of 2012. excellent work from the 60s.

for those interested, an excellent activist physician, great techniques and a focus on the nervous system, raising self esteem and environment, and so disrespected by this guy trudeau in canada, as well as canadian doctors, around during this environmental hazard and disaster situation in Grassy Narrows.

additional notes:
what was fascinating was the level of effort by the leadership of the Canada government at the time, a guy named trudeau, worked to discredit dr. masazumi harada and even pull funding from journalists and researchers interested in this. wonderful data in japan about this situation in Canada.

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The Minamata Disaster: History, Current, And Implications

Connor McBroom

Uploaded on Feb 12, 2012

Minamata Disease, from the discovery to the outbreak to the attempts made at covering up who was actually involved, and lastly the implications of current struggles with mercury pollution on both humans and the environment.

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Lead poisoning: Sad story of Nigerian gold rush


Published on Nov 26, 2012

Lead poisoning has continued to kill people, especially children, in the northern state of Zamfara in Nigeria. In 2010, no fewer than 163 people, most of them children, died of lead poisoning. Since then there have been allegations of other deaths of children caused by lead. World Health Organization (WHO) and the Nigerian ministry of health have been working together to educate people and help clean the area.

Most of the contamination came from hand to mouth or through drinking water. Villagers in two local government areas of Anka and Bungudu are the most affected regions. On this week’s INFocus we talk about lead poisoning, a story of ignorance, negligence, poverty and impunity leading to the deaths of innocent people, especially children.

Watch this video on our Website: http://www.presstv.ir/Program/274609….

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