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Senator Angus King Challenges Dick Cheney To Be Waterboarded And Then Say It’s Not Torture!

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China protests new chemical plant

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Global Environment Problems: Bert Holmes at TEDxUNCAsheville – YouTube

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BBC Documentary Climate Wars – Episodes 1-3

BBC Documentary Climate Wars Episode 2

BBC Documentary Climate Wars Episode 3

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World Bank: Climate Change Will ‘Lead to Battles for Food’

By Larry ElliottThe Guardian

Battles over water and food will erupt within the next five to 10 years as a result of climate change, the president of the World Bank said as he urged those campaigning against global warming to learn the lessons of how protesters and scientists joined forces in the battle against HIV.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim urges campaigners and scientists to work together to form a coherent plan in the fight against climate change.
Credit: EPA

Jim Yong Kim said it was possible to cap the rise in global temperatures at 2°C but that so far there had been a failure to replicate the “unbelievable” success of the 15-year-long coalition of activists and scientists to develop a treatment for HIV.

The bank’s president – a doctor active in the campaign to develop drugs to treat HIV – said he had asked the climate change community: “Do we have a plan that’s as good as the plan we had for HIV?” The answer, unfortunately, was no.

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‘Urgent action’ needed to tackle UK food waste

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“Our Year of Extremes:” Investigating the Effects of Climate Change – NBC News


After year of extemes, investigating effects of climate change.

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