Climate Change and Human Extinction – A Personal Perspective – Guy McPherson


Published on Mar 24, 2014

“Just one source, methane from the arctic…leads us [by 2030] to…a temperature beyond which humans have never existed on the planet.” Guy McPherson, professor emeritus of University of Arizona in Environmental Studies, shares highlights from his compilation of recent reports on climate change effects. Their number and extent have grown exponentially since he began five years ago. In this interview, he shares his personal journey through despair and deep grief to recent acceptance. “I suspect we get to see the end of this movie… Nobody else in human history [has]… We get to see how humans act in the face of their own demise.” Episode 262.   See also and Watch Guy’s Climate Change presentation February 2014

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One response to “Climate Change and Human Extinction – A Personal Perspective – Guy McPherson

  1. Hello Guy,
    I have been on the same journey. I think we know how humans react when the end comes.

    Initially, after a surge in Methane release there will be droughts and storms in many parts of the world and at this time people will realise they are coming to the end of civilisations and their own lives. Civilisation ends at this point because in a capitalist society companies will not invest in the future or even buy goods to sell in the near future, so economic collapse follows. This will lead to wars within months all over the world which will lead to general collapse. The electricity grid will be an early casualty in all countries because people will not have the money to pay their electricity bills.
    There will be islands of hope initially where the weather extremes are not so bad but even here collapse will follow very soon.

    The survivors will largely try to fend for themselves but after further fighting and difficulty finding food they too will die.

    People will be in despair for their children’s future.

    A small number of people will find this exciting whilst recognising that they will die.

    All the Best,

    John Davies

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