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The need for Divestment & “Cleavage Free Journalism”

[How can the complex message of hominid complicity in catastrophic climate change be conveyed through media that is saturated with highly sexualized news?   Scientists cannot complete with this.  Neither can Drew Faust.  She does not need to.  Ralph Lauren is on her side. The entire thrust of mainstream media  — and the institutions that this media seeks to forward and protect —  is aimed to distract the public from the important issues that will determine human survival and focus instead upon business-as-usual to make profit.  It is a sad indicator of our circumstance that the media that are trying hard, on the other hand, to bring us the news we need to know to survive have to beg for donations. ]

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Having been raised in the 60’s and 70’s, I was weened on the notion that the human body is not shameful and, depending on conditioning, potentially something of great beauty. However should I take a moment out of my day to educate myself on issues of pressing importance, such as war and peace, or health care, or the loss of my privacy to my “elected” government, then I might want those issues presented in more focused manner.

Highly sexualized news appears to be a growing marketing trend. But it isn’t growing here. We have no problem with appreciation of the human body but when it comes time to address issues that effect our lives in a fundamental way, Reader Supported News can be counted upon to stay focused.

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Ralph Nader: Corporate takeover of America

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Uploaded on Nov 3, 2010

Thom Hartmann and Ralph Nader (http://nader.org/) talk about Tea Party, midterm elections and a role of the corporate power in American history and political system of today.

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