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Institutions and their Leaders in times of Catabolic Collapse |EV & N – 145 | CCTV |





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In a time of system-wide catabolic collapse, institutions are governed by personnel who lack the moral vision required to lead.

Posted by CCRA on Mar 16, 2014.

For an institutional critique of collapse of climate policy — and by extension — the unlikely chances for market-integrated, industrial society to avert catastrophe,  see: Noam Chomsky: How Climate Change Became a ‘Liberal Hoax’

Chomsky-02and a recent Chomsky interview starting at: 19m 7s

Chomsky-01See also a 2005 paper by Greer entitled:  How Civilizations Fall: A Theory of Catabolic Collapse

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Mr Benn

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Corporate Interests Behind Ukraine Putsch | Consortiumnews

UkraineMarch 16, 2014

Behind the U.S.-backed coup that ousted the democratically elected president of Ukraine are the economic interests of giant corporations – from Cargill to Chevron – which see the country as a potential “gold mine” of profits from agricultural and energy exploitation, reports JP Sottile.

By JP Sottile

On Jan. 12, a reported 50,000 “pro-Western” Ukrainians descended upon Kiev’s Independence Square to protest against the government of President Viktor Yanukovych. Stoked in part by an attack on opposition leader Yuriy Lutsenko, the protest marked the beginning of the end of Yanukovych’s four year-long government.

That same day, the Financial Times reported a major deal for U.S. agribusiness titan Cargill.

A screen shot of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland speaking to U.S. and Ukrainian business leaders on Dec. 13, 2013, at a session sponsored by Chevron.A screen shot of U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland speaking to U.S. and Ukrainian business leaders on Dec. 13, 2013, at an event sponsored by Chevron, with its logo to Nuland’s left..

Despite the turmoil within Ukrainian politics after Yanukovych rejected a major trade deal with the European Union just seven weeks earlier, Cargill was confident enough about the future to fork over $200 million to buy a stake in Ukraine’s UkrLandFarming. According to Financial Times, UkrLandFarming is the world’s eighth-largest land cultivator and second biggest egg producer. And those aren’t the only eggs in Cargill’s increasingly-ample basket.

On Dec. 13, Cargill announced the purchase of a stake in a Black Sea port. Cargill’s port at Novorossiysk — to the east of Russia’s strategically significant and historically important Crimean naval base — gives them a major entry-point to Russian markets and adds them to the list of Big Ag companies investing in ports around the Black Sea, both in Russia and Ukraine.

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Ten Reasons Why Nukes Are Nuts

Radioactive sign(Image: Radioactive sign via Shutterstock)A nuclear weapons convention, a treaty to achieve Nuclear Zero by means of the phased, verifiable, irreversible and transparent elimination of nuclear weapons, is the only way to counter the obvious insanity of nuclear weapons in any form.

There are many reasons why nukes are nuts. Here are my top ten:

They are insanely powerful. A single nuclear weapon can destroy a city. A few nuclear weapons can destroy a country. A relatively small regional nuclear war can cause a nuclear famine, taking 2 billion lives globally. An all-out nuclear war could end civilization and cause the extinction of most complex life on the planet.

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Northeast Greenland Ice Stream Animation

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How Civilizations Fall: A Theory of Catabolic Collapse


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Clip From March 13, 2014 Keystone XL Pipeline

Climate and Energy: Testimony to the United States Senate

My testimony to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, including the four charts that I used, is also available on my web site.  Discussion at the hearing revealed that most politicians have hardened positions. Hopefully Kerry and Obama recognize that Keystone would signify the full-body dive into unconventional fossil fuels that assures game-over for climate, i.e., assures disastrous climate effects for young people and future generations.  Rejection of KXL would provide a brief respite that may allow implementation of a simple flat rising carbon fee-and-dividend approach, which has the potential to go near-global.

Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline, 13 March 2014

Created by EcoJustice.TV researcher on March 16, 2014

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