After graduating from Wesleyan University as a film major, Majora Carter began studying for a master of fine arts degree at NYU. While living and working in her native Hunt’s Point, New York, she stumbled across a weedy lot on the edge of the Bronx River near her home. Learning the lot was slated to be a waste facility to handle nearly 40% of the city’s solid refuse, Majora founded a non-profit organization called Sustainable South Bronx to fight the plan. SSB organized local businesses, community members, and local government resources to develop the Hunt’s Point Riverside Park; creating a beautiful riverside green space where an abandoned concrete factory once stood. Through SSB, the Queen of Green worked with local government, businesses and citizens to fight the environment and public health issues in their community. Today, the SSB creates jobs, vision and hope for a community that up until recently had none.

As an ambassador for the new Green Economy, Majora’s vision and drive has earned her many awards, fellowships and prestigious accolades such as the MacArthur Genius Fellowship. In 2008, Carter began her economic consulting and planning firm, the Majora Carter Group to address similar issues facing other communities today. As an environmental economist who utilizes her charm, wit, passion and smile to build and advocate sustainability initiatives in urban communities, Majora has emerged as a heavy hitter in the sustainable urban environment initiatives. Today she spearheads her consulting firm and hosts the Peabody Award winning radio show The Promised Land on NPR.

Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics

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