Divest Harvard – Teach-in – Massachusetts Hall – March 11, 2014 – 12:00noon + 12:30pm + 1:00pm

Change in Time of “Teach-In”

(….because of expected snowstorm)


(Initial announcement:)


Divest Harvard Weekly Newsletter:

Teach-in: Because of an expected snow storm the date  of the Teach-in has been changed to: Tuesday, 3/11 To clear up Faust’s misunderstanding of the reality of the fossil fuel industry’s grip on our government, Divest Harvard is holding a rolling series of teach-ins this Tuesday, March 11 on the myriad ways that the fossil fuel industry uses its wealth and power to block climate action. We will hold the teach-in three times outside Massachusetts Hall at 12:00noon, 12:30pm and 1:00pm.

Each 20 minute teach-in will examine how the fossil fuel industry created and funds climate denialism, distorts elections, blocks clean energy projects, and enervates climate legislation. We’ll talk about why divestment can help solve this problem, and we’ll be reading statements from faculty and prominent climate scientists like Michael Mann who are speaking up in response to Faust’s words. Join us!

[Excerpt from article by Joe Romm:] “….What is especially telling is the exchange that begins at about 50 seconds:

Welton: “If Harvard doesn’t help us who do we have to turn to….”
Faust: “Harvard does help you. Harvard helps by making discoveries that enable this transition….”
Welton: “But the fossil fuel industry stands in the way of their implementation.”
Faust: “That is not the case.”

* * *

[Such astounding ignorance is rarely documented in an educational figure of this stature.  Little wonder students feel that a “teach-in” seems to be called for outside President Drew Faust’s office at this point.  Students may use the occasion to suggest some supplementary reading material that could be of use to President Faust in learning about these matters, including, perhaps, documentation readily available on the influence and intervention of oil interests in the realms of private philanthropy and public policy. ]

Global Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics

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