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Climate Change All-Night Session Set for Monday | The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body

By Niels Lesniewski Posted at 3:02 p.m. on March 6, 2014


(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Senate Democrats are about to burn the midnight oil to make their case on climate change.

The previously rumored all-night session on the effects of climate change will take place Monday, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse confirmed.

“It’s locked in,” the Rhode Island Democrat told CQ Roll Call. “An all-nighter is an all-nighter. We’re going to go all the way through to eight or nine in the morning or whenever they need to clean it up for the next day.”

That would clearly meet the established definition of an all-night session.

Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, and Whitehouse are coordinating the campaign.

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Ivory Coast hopes for golden future as mining sector opened up


Published on Mar 5, 2014

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FAIR TV March 7, 2014


Published on Mar 7, 2014

Ukraine Hysteria, US Hypocrisy,
and the Keystone Protest Near-Blackout in MSM.


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Aquabounty’s GM Salmon Facility, PEI Canada


Published on Mar 7, 2014

Video from the site of AquaBounty’s facility in Prince Edward Island (PEI) Canada, April 2013. In November 2013, Canada approved the production of genetically modified (GM) salmon at this facility, the first approval for this GM fish. The GM salmon has not yet been approved for human consumption in Canada or the U.S. The company initially plans to produce GM salmon eggs here, ship them to Panama to grow out and process, and send the GM salmon to the U.S. consumer market. Here in the video you can see the production facility (which looks like a house), right across the street from Bay Fortune in PEI.

Featured in the video: Lucy Sharratt, Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN); Representative Geran Tarr, Alaska State Legislature; Mary Boyd, PEI Health Coalition; Leo Broderick, Council of Canadians; Sharon Labchuk, Islanders Say No to Frankenfish.

For more information and action please see www.cban.ca/fish
There is also a legal challenge to Canada’a approval of the GM fish production currently underway. You can donate to the legal fund and learn more at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/can…

Video Courtesy of Cogent/Benger Productions

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Julian Assange “We Are Headed Towards A Transnational Dystopian Total Surveillance Society”


Published on Mar 7, 2014

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Climate Change in the American Mind


Published on Mar 7, 2014

Speaker: Dr. Anthony Leiserowitz, Director, Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, Yale University

Public understanding of human-caused climate change and support for actions to reduce its damaging global impact have shifted dramatically in recent years. Recent surveys show that, since a sharp drop five years ago, there’s been a promising upswing in public acceptance of climate change science and support for reducing hazardous greenhouse gas emissions.

Anthony Leiserowitz, Ph.D., a leading expert on national and international public opinion about climate change, will talk about recent trends in Americans’ global warming knowledge, attitudes, policy support, and behavior. He will also discuss the influential role of the media, strategies for improving public engagement, and how the U.S. compares to countries such as China and India.

Dr. Leiserowitz is a research scientist at the Yale University School of Forestry & Environmental Studies who investigates the psychological, cultural, and political factors that influence environmental attitudes. The most recent studies by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication found that large majorities of Americans support national action on global warming, with 8 in 10 saying that the U.S. should make an effort to reduce global warming, even if it has economic costs; and 7 in 10 saying that global warming should be a priority for the President and Congress. The researchers concluded that, despite the wide partisan gap, “there is also some common ground on which the nation could build an effective response to climate change.” The surveys were conducted jointly with the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication.
Leiserowitz’s climate change research spans the global, national and local scales, including New York City; Florida and Alaska; and the Inupiaq Eskimo of NW Alaska in the US. He conducted the first study of worldwide public values, attitudes, and behaviors regarding sustainability, including environmental protection, economic prosperity, and human development.

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Progress In Communities

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Published on Dec 6, 2013

NOTE: If you need captions, please click the CC button on the player to turn them on.

EPA is working with communities across the nation–taking advantage of creative, cost-effective, commonsense opportunities to drive real successes. This video explores how EPA, since its inception, has had and is having a substantive, positive impact on the lives of Americans, and it is happening in ways that spark economic growth, create jobs, and improve quality of the environment.

How is your community doing? Tell us what is happening in your community.

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