What resilience is really about – Stockholm Resilience Centre

Download or order updated version of popular introduction to resilience

The brochure What is resilience? (pdf, 13.7 MB) is based on research conducted at Stockholm Resilience Centre and summarizes the three major strands in resilience thinking and social-ecological research. In three short chapters it describes humanity’s impact on the Earth system, and ideas on how to handle the resulting challenges.

Chapter one describes the complex interdependencies between humans and nature. There are today no ecosystems that are not in some way shaped or affected by human activity, and no people living independently of ecosystems and the services they provide.

Chapter two describes the astounding human development and how leaves its marks on the planet. The chapter introduces the challenges and opportunities connected to the Great Acceleration and the Anthropocene.

Finally, chapter three outlines ideas on how to move forward, including an introduction to the concept of social-ecological innovation.

Download English version here (pdf, 13.7 MB)

Download Swedish version here (pdf, 13.7 MB)

Want a printed version or use the brochure as part of teaching or training?

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Cyprus International Institute (CII) (Harvard School of Public Health) http://Cyprus-Institute.us

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