In existence since 1992, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) continues working to bring farmers together to learn from each other, and to build relationships between those farmers and consumers looking for fresh, wholesome, locally and sustainably produced food.

As the largest statewide, member-based sustainable farming organization in the United States, we seek to improve the economic viability, environmental soundness and social responsibility of food and farming systems in Pennsylvania and across the country. We place great value on efforts to build bridges between broadly diverse participants in the agricultural industry, from “farm to fork.”

PASA grew out of the need for an educational and support system for farmers – both experienced and beginning – interested in non-traditional agricultural practices, such as organic, biodynamic and grass-based farming, as well as the desire to create local markets for sustainably produced food.

PASA’s mission is the underlying theme of all of our programs – promoting profitable farms that produce healthy food for all people while respecting the natural environment – as our work is rooted in education and support for farmers, and outreach to the general public:

Just some of the programs & services we offer:

A comprehensive Farm-Based Education program, including an annual Farming for the Future Conference and a full season of Field Days and Master Classes on sustainable farming methods;

Our Farm Lease Connection service, designed to build successful farm enterprises between farmers and landowners of all kinds;

The Good Food Neighborhood®community outreach program, established to serve both farmers and consumers by enhancing communication and strengthening businesses and organizations participating in local food systems.

Coordination of Buy Fresh Buy Local® chapters in Pennsylvania, and nationally through our FoodRoutes Network, LLC subsidiary, promoting businesses and farms, and connecting consumers to their local food sources; and

A trusted, third-party certification program for our region’s food producers through a partnership with Food Alliance.

PASA considers it both a privilege and responsibility to be at the forefront of the sustainable food movement, as we focus on market access, sustainability standards and public engagement.

Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics

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