BBC News – US and Canada snowstorm causes travel chaos
3 January 2014 Last updated at 14:17 ET

Some schools and offices were shut ahead of the storm, with people urged to stay at home

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A winter storm has blanketed parts of Canada and the north-eastern US with up to 2ft (61cm) of snow.

The storm has been blamed for 11 deaths and forced the cancellation of more than 4,000 flights since Wednesday.

With the wind chill, the temperature dropped as low as -29C (-20F) in Toronto and -38C in Quebec City, the lowest seen in two decades.

Authorities warned residents to remain indoors, both for their own safety and to keep roads clear for snow removal.

Coastal warnings

At the scene

Nada Tawfik BBC News, New York

You can hear the wind howling from indoors. It makes the already freezing temperatures that much harder to bear.

But New Yorkers and those from the US east coast are used to snow. So despite officials warning people to stay indoors, some have grabbed their gloves and sleds for a bit of winter fun.

Tourists in Times Square were even spotted having a snowball fight. But these conditions are harsh. The temperatures are cold enough to cause frostbite in 30 minutes or less.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was sworn into office on 1 January, said most of the city’s main roads had been cleared of snow thanks to an “extraordinary job” by the city’s sanitation workers.

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