We The Media.tv – Media Edge


About Us

We the Media is an all-volunteer nonprofit group dedicated to bringing independent progressive video programming — both locally-produced and nationally-distributed — to community cable access channels.

To find out more about We The Media and to get involved, Click here .

If you want to help get Media Edge on a community cable access channel in your area, click here.

If you want to share your response to Media Edge or to anything on this
website, click here.

Have some ideas for other programs we might do?
Contact us with your info about shows, documentaries, speakers or performers we can include on future Media Edge programs. Thank you!

And view: http://www.wethemedia.tv/links.html
  and http://archive.org/search.php?query=collection%3Amediaedge&sort=-publicdate
and  https://archive.org/details/mediaedge

Environmental Justice   http://courses.dce.harvard.edu/~envre145
Environment Ethics   http://courses.dce.harvard.edu/~envre120
EJ Film Festival
EE Film Festival

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