Bob Massie on “The State of the New Economy Movement”


Streamed live on Feb 20, 2013

A conversation with Bob Massie on “The State of the New Economy Movement,” presented by the New Economics Institute and New Economy @ MIT.

Bob Massie is President and CEO of the New Economics Institute, which is building a coalition to accelerate the transition to an economy that prioritizes the wellbeing of people and the planet. Previously, Bob served as President of Ceres, co-founder and chair of the Global Reporting Initiative, and initiator of the Investor Network on Climate Risk.

This is the second event of the spring speaker series: “Building the New Economy.” Watch the first event with esteemed economics professor Neva Goodwin here:

About the New Economy Speaker Series:

If you have ever wondered what exactly the “new economy” is, or you want to engage in some structured discussion with your peers and leaders of the movement, this series is built for you.

“Building the New Economy” will provide a conceptual grounding for the flourishing New Economy movement, covering the most important themes and issues. We are taking an experimental approach to our lunch series. Don’t come expecting a lecture. For 15 -20 minutes, each invited speaker will discuss the issue at hand (from economic growth to alternative consumption models) and the remaining time will be opened up for a facilitated conversation with 20 of your peers and colleagues.

Learn about upcoming events and get involved with New Economy @ MIT:…

Global Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics
Food-Matters http://Food-Matters.TV

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