The Felt Impacts of the Tar Sands

The ‘Felt Impacts of the Tar Sands’ artwork to be unveiled at the Canada-Europe Energy Summit in London.

Giant artwork depicting the Canadian tar sands and the devastation being caused to ecosystems, species and First Nations communities launched by street felt-artist Lucy Sparrow outside Canada House in Trafalgar Square on Tuesday 19th will unroll an ambitious artwork outside Canada House in Trafalgar Square at the annual Canada-Europe Energy Summit next Tuesday. Inside, Canadian minister Joe Oliver will meet with the UK government, the

CEO of BP, Bob Dudley and other major players in the tar sands industry to discuss undermining EU climate legislation to open up global markets to Canada’s highly-polluting fossil fuels [3].

The giant felt work will block all three doors of Canada House as ministers and industry representatives from Shell, Enbridge and others arrive. It will depict in graphic detail the devastating impacts of Canadian tar sands extraction, which is undermining Indigenous treaty rights and destroying ecosystems communities rely on for traditional livelihoods.

Canadian Minister Joe Oliver last week vowed a renewed attack on the Fuel Quality Directive by launching a report which aimed to undermine efforts in the EU to reduce emissions from transport fuels [4] . With the southern portion of the Keystone XL pipeline already in place, tar sands may be entering the EU in as early as 2014.

Global Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics

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