VERITA$ – Everybody Loves Harvard

“VERITA$ – Everybody Loves Harvard”

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“The best and brightest” is how Harvard University is described today. People all over the world admire Harvard. But Harvard is not just an Ivory Tower. It is an organ of the American ruling class.

This documentary critically examines Harvard’s historical role and its global impact. The director describes Harvard’s traditional character in three key words: rich, white, and male. To demonstrate this point of view, the director followed Harvard’s unknown history.

After WW2, the US became the center of the world, and this change made an impact on all American universities. As a training ground for the elite, Harvard has maintained close ties with the U.S. government and provided crucial dimensions of state ideology, particularly during the Cold War. However, the anti-war movement challenged Harvard, and it subsequently adopted neoliberal policies more focused on corporate management than defense management.

The documentary questions what the real purpose of education should be. The title “VERITAS” means truth in Latin, and it is the motto of Harvard. But in reviewing their own history, the director questions the real meaning of truth and changes S into $ sign to emphasize the fact that Harvard has pursued money and power. It contains interviews with many progressive American intellectuals, including Prof. Noam Chomsky.


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