Cities and Climate Change Leadership – Online Free Course

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This e-learning course discusses how cities and urban regions can lead climate actions and mainstream climate mitigation and adaptation into their development plans. Its overall objective is to encourage city leaders and decision makers to undertake climate actions suitable to local needs. Specifically, the course will provide practical knowledge and skills to:

  • integrate appropriate climate actions into city-wide agendas;
  • apply proven tools and methodologies to identify the best course of climate action planning;
  • facilitate collaboration with different stakeholders and partners in planning and implementing climate actions; and
  • utilize policy, financial and technical instruments available within and outside administrative boundaries in designing and implementing timely climate actions.

This course is unique in that it covers all aspects of climate action by cities, including both adaptation and mitigation planning, at every stage—from surveying and visioning to strategic planning and implementation. Each lesson includes multimedia and interactive learning elements, and links to some of the most helpful documents, websites, city networks and international sources of expertise. Optional video clips are offered throughout, providing opportunities to learn directly from experienced city officials and world class experts

Global Climate Change
Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics

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