Resilient Cities 2014 Call for Contributions – 12 September to 30 November 2013

Welcome to the Resilient Cities 2014 Call for Contributions page! Here you will find information about the submission and selection process. Please read all of the guidelines below before filling out the submission form.

Submission guidelines for contributions

We recommend contributors to prepare their submission in advance. The submission process does not permit the saving of drafts unless an account is created. Please prepare:

  • A summary of maximum 100 words or 600 characters
  • An abstract of maximum 1000 words or 6000 characters
  • Outcomes of maximum 75 words or 500 characters
  • For panels and workshops, a methodology of maximum 150 words or 1000 characters

If your contribution is selected, main and second contributors are expected to become speakers at the congress (Note: the second contributor is a second speaker for the same contribution). Therefore, please ensure your availability on the dates of the congress before submitting. The congress is tentatively scheduled for 1-3 June 2014.

Environmental Justice
Environment Ethics

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