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The Koch Brothers’ War on Poor

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Information Activism And Investigative Journalism In The 21ST Century

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Thousands evacuated as typhoon hits Taiwan

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NSA LEAKS: Top 5 Lying Liars


US State Dept “MR Snowden Is NOT A Whistleblower! He’s NOT A Human Rights Activist!”

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Diplomats outraged by Obama “selling” ambassadorships to political donors


Climate Change as a Global Issue

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FAIR TV July 12, 2013

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Earthrise – series four, episode one


Published on Jul 10, 2013

earthrise explores solutions to today’s environmental challenges, taking an upbeat look at ecological, scientific, technological and design projects the world over. A revolutionary experiment in sustainable agriculture is showing impressive results in south India. Urban planners combine economic growth with environmental initiatives and tackling the environmental impact of the fashion industry, one discarded scrap of fabric at a time.

Global Climate Change http://courses.dce.harvard.edu/~envre130
Environmental Justice http://courses.dce.harvard.edu/~envre145
Environment Ethics http://courses.dce.harvard.edu/~envre120
Food-Matters http://Food-Matters.TV

20130619 Governors Youtube Clip 1


Published on Jul 12, 2013

Former Governor of Colorado Bill Ritter and Former Governor of New Jersey Christine T. Whitman join Climate One in a conversation on Superstorm Sandy and the devastating Colorado fires of 2012.

Bill Ritter Jr., Former Governor of Colorado
Christine Todd Whitman, Former Governor of New Jersey; Former Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Greg Dalton, Host and Founder, Climate One

This program was recorded on June 19, 2013.


Global Climate Change http://courses.dce.harvard.edu/~envre130
Environment Ethics http://courses.dce.harvard.edu/~envre120