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Obama directs EPA to limit power plant pollution

Obama directs EPA to limit power plant pollution


President Obama called on the EPA to act, saying he refuses to condemn future generations to “a planet that’s beyond fixing.” NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.


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China’s Yellow Sea turning green

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4MIN News July 6, 2013: State of Flux Product, Global Update, Spaceweather

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BBC News – Antarctic flood produces ‘ice crater’

2 July 2013 Last updated at 06:08 ET
By Jonathan Amos Science correspondent, BBC News

The ice surface slumped as the water in Cook Sub-Glacial Lake drained away (elevation exaggerated)
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Scientists have seen evidence for a colossal flood under Antarctica that drained six billion tonnes of water, quite possibly straight to the ocean.

The cause is thought to be a deeply buried lake that suddenly over-topped.

Satellites were used to map the crater that developed as the 2.7km-thick overlying ice sheet slumped to fill the void left by the escaping water.

The peak discharge would have been more than double the normal flow rate of London’s River Thames, researchers say.

The location of the flood was Cook Sub-Glacial Lake (SGL) in the east of the continent, and the event itself occurred over a period of about 18 months in 2007-2008.

It was detected and described using a combination of data gathered by the now-retired US Icesat mission and Europe’s new Cryosat platform.

The American spacecraft’s laser altimeter first noted a drop in the ice-surface height associated with the slumping.

The European satellite’s radar altimeter was then employed to map the shape of the crater that resulted. …(read more).

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Wild weather hits US on holiday

Wild weather hits US on holiday

The Weather Channel’s Crystal Egger has more on the extreme conditions.


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Obama’s Remarks Offer Hope to Opponents of Oil Pipeline


July 5, 2013


WASHINGTON — The political ground may be shifting under the Keystone XL pipeline.

Just weeks ago, the smart money in Washington had President Obama approving the cross-border oil pipeline later this year, perhaps balanced with a package of unrelated climate change measures. The seemingly inevitable decision would leave the pipeline’s opponents — a group that includes a large number of Mr. Obama’s most ardent supporters and generous donors — dispirited and disillusioned by what one called the president’s half-a-loaf centrism.

But Mr. Obama threw that calculation into doubt last week when he unexpectedly added a brief passage on the pipeline project to a major address laying out his second-term climate change agenda. Mr. Obama said he would approve the remaining portion of the 1,700-mile pipeline from Alberta to Gulf Coast refineries only if it would not “significantly exacerbate” the problem of carbon pollution. He added that the pipeline’s net effects on the climate would be “absolutely critical” to his decision whether to allow it to proceed.

The president had never before attached such explicit climate-related conditions to the fate of the project.

The project’s opponents were thrilled, saying the president had finally recognized the threat to the global climate posed by the pipeline and the accompanying expansion of Canadian oil sands development. They also crowed that citizen activism and vocal opposition by many of the president’s strongest supporters had altered the political calculus.

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