Don’t Koch the L.A. Times! — FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

After years of mismanagement, the Tribune Company newspapers–including the Chicago Tribune and L.A. Times–are up for sale.

And one of the potential buyers? The Koch brothers.

Yes, those Koch brothers: the billionaire businessmen who run Koch Industries, a sprawling multinational corporation involved in everything from oil to fertilizer to paper towels.

But you probably know the Koch brothers for how they spend their considerable wealth: bankrolling right-wing political causes like the Tea Party movement, and funneling millions of dollars to front groups and politicians devoted to their anti-regulatory, anti-labor and pro-corporate ideology. The Kochs have spent millions propping up climate-change deniers, and have been instrumental in funding ALEC, the powerful business lobby that pushes corporate-friendly policies at the state level.

What would the Kochs do with a few major newspapers? Let’s hope we don’t have to find out.

Some recent reports indicate that many L.A. Times staffers would consider leaving the paper if it were purchased by the Kochs–which is probably music to their cost-cutting ears.

Team up with FAIR and our friends at RootsAction right now to send a message to the Tribune Company: Don’t sell out journalism by selling your papers to the Koch brothers. Sign the petition today!

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Environmental Justice
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