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Lawmakers Rush To Outlaw Undercover Farm Videos

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Korean nuclear war would make Chernobyl seem like ‘fairy tale’

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Earthquake Watch Update – April.14.2013


4MIN News April 13


Why to Shutdown San Onofre – Donna Gilmore

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What’s At Risk from San Onofre – Torgen Johnson

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Climate change could hit Atlanta hardest, UGA research predicts


By Lee Shearer

updated Saturday, April 13, 2013 – 10:41pm

The effects of climate change in Georgia might fall hardest on Atlanta and coastal counties, according to a University of Georgia graduate student’s research.

Binita KC, a doctoral candidate in UGA’s Department of Geography, mapped changing climate variables county by county, noting factors such as how much precipitation levels and temperatures have varied from historical averages, along with extreme weather measures — flood, drought and heat waves.

Then she added in measures of so-called social vulnerability for each county, such as poverty, race, the percentage of the population that is elderly or under the age of 5, and the number of people involved in heat-exposed occupations such as forestry and fishing.

She also plotted the data over nearly 40 years to get a picture of how Georgia’s climate is changing, and who might feel it most.

Breaking the climate data into 10-year increments (except for the most recent segment, which includes eight years), she found that Georgia is indeed getting hotter and drier, especially over the past eight years.

Her findings on Georgia climate change are in line with what other scientists have seen.

The American Meteorological Society’s (AMS) Statement on Climate Change (http://www.ametsoc.org/policy/2012climatechange.html) summarized the scientific literature and noted growing frequency of floods, heat waves and droughts, said UGA atmospheric scientist Marshall Shepherd, who worked with her on the research. Marguerite Madden, director of UGA’s Center for Geospatial Research, and Cassandra Johnson-Gaither, a sociologist with the USDA Forest Service’s Southern Forest Experiment Station in Athens, also worked with KC. Johnson-Gaither is working in some of the communities that may be most vulnerable, including parts of southwest Atlanta…..(read more).

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