Media Research on Climate Change: Where have we been and where are we heading?

Call for Papers:


Media Research on Climate Change:
Where have we been and where are we heading?

This special issue to be published in March 2014 aims to critically appraise
the field and map out the future direction of research on media coverage of
climate change. Along with the past decade’s general acknowledgement of
climate change as one of the most serious challenges to a sustainable
society, the body of media research on climate change has rapidly grown.
The climate coverage of various national media has been extensively
analysed from various perspectives (scientific, democratic, political,
visual, emotional, cultural, etc.), and the quest for the development of a global
understanding of climate reporting has resulted in a number of international
comparisons. Additionally, media research has, to some extent, addressed
citizens’ representations of climate change in relation to media discourse.
Thus, a great deal of academic work has been directed towards the maping
out of media representations, something which has generated vital basic
knowledge about the role of the media in the social construction of climate
change. The timely question at this point is: how should we best proceed
in order to take media studies on climate change to the next level? More
specifically, what conclusions can be drawn in light of the existing body
of work and how might the research move into the next phase? In which
direction should the field orient itself, theoretically and empirically
speaking? Articles will address the lessons to be learnt, the
challenges to be met, and the directions to be taken in order to meet imminent
challenges and further develop the field of media research on climate change.

Possible themes papers address may include:
• The development of theoretical and conceptual frameworks for
media studies on climate change
• (New) methodological procedures for media studies on climate
• Particularly important empirical aspects of future media studies on
climate change, such as online representations and/or the role of
communications campaigns/persuasive communication
• Ways in which media studies on climate change can be integrated
into interdisciplinary collaborative research aimed at mitigating and
adapting to climate change impacts

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