BBC News – Blizzard paralyses north-east US and Atlantic Canada

9 February 2013 Last updated at 14:09 ET

Millions of people across New England have being warned to stay indoors

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A major snowstorm has brought swathes of the north-eastern US and eastern Canada to a standstill, leaving about half a million homes without power.

High winds and blizzard conditions have emptied the centre of Boston and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has banned all non-essential traffic.

Millions of people across New England have been warned to stay indoors. The region’s airports are closed.

Many areas are under two feet (60cm) of snow and more snowfalls are expected.


Rajesh Mirchandani BBC News, New York

In Coney Island and Brighton Beach, we found several people shovelling snow from outside their homes. These parts of Brooklyn were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy in October. In some places, piles of debris from that storm are now covered by piles of snow from this one.

We met Louis Plaza cleaning out two properties he looks after. Like many people we spoke to, he was in good spirits and resigned to a day of shovelling.

“There’s no way I could have prevented this,” he told me. “There’s no way I could have prevented Sandy. So you just deal with it, you deal with what life throws you.”

Earlier in Manhattan, people and cars were joining the hundreds of snow ploughs and gritters that had been working all night. After Sandy, it seems New York authorities left nothing to chance for this storm. It also helped that the impact was not as bad as had been feared. As Mayor Bloomberg put: “It looks like we dodged a bullet”.

Blizzard warnings are in effect for much of the coastal section of the north-eastern US, from Newark, New Jersey to southern Maine. ….(more).

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